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Auto insurance and more in Somerset, KY

We know insurance
American Insurance Agency in Somerset, KY is here to handle all of your insurance needs.
We have a wide range of services including home, business and auto insurance and we'll find something that works for your particular situation. Our company has worked in the Somerset area for a long time, and we have a reputation for excellent service.
In your initial consultation we'll evaluate your situation to determine the coverage that is best for you, your family, or your business.
Couple with home and auto insurance in Somerset, KY

For property

American Insurance Agency's property insurance will protect your possessions and investments for years to come. Our Somerset office provides the following professional insurance policies:
  • Home & property insurance 
  • Auto insurance 
  • Boating and RV coverage
For more information regarding these or any other policies, please contact our insurance company. We'll be happy to provide any information you need.
Couple satisfied with our auto insurance in Somerset, KY

For people

American Insurance Agency in Somerset offers a variety of insurance types that will protect you and your family. Ensure you're fully covered in the event of something unforeseen with a policy from our insurance company. We provide:
  • Health insurance 
  • Life insurance 
  • Home insurance 
  • Umbrella policies
We can tailor any policy to suit your situation, so call us today.
Commercial auto insurance policyholders in Somerset, KY

Business insurance

Trust our insurance company for policies that will cover your business in the event of an accident, loss, or damage. Call or visit our expert team in Somerset for details. Our commercial policies include:
  • Business insurance 
  • Property - liability  
  • Workman Comp 
  • Commercial auto insurance 
  • IRAs and health
Whatever your line of work, we can make sure you're completely covered. Call us today.
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